Planning Their Own Nightmare

Marriage may not be an option for millions of Chinese men.

The Associated Press today released news of a recent study conducted in China that indicates some unfortunate info for Chinese bachelors.  Due to strict family planning regulations, China will face a shortage of nearly 25 million women for the eligible Chinese men throughout the next decade.  In some provinces in fact, the numbers are almost 1.5 boys to every girl in the 1-4 year old age range.  The results could be absolutely devastating socially.  Lead researchers are indicating that men with lower incomes and lower social status are going to encounter extreme difficulty in the battle to find a wife, which could inevitably lead to crime — abductions and the trafficking of women.  How sad is it going to get for these lonely men and how dangerous is it going to get for this country?

One of the hardest things about it all is that China really has no one to blame but themselves.  In the 1970s China was fully recognizing the strain that their massive (and increasing) population was having on the country’s resources.  They began severely regulating birth rates.  With many families preferring male children, the termination of pregnancies involving baby girls skyrocketed.  And here China sits, about to suffer the consequences. 

Now I’m by no means the first person to condemn responsibility in family planning.  The Catholic Church for a long time has said no to any form of contraception.  The rest of Christendom, by and large, has not, since the Bible does not.  There are many considerations to take into account.  That said, one technique of family planning that clearly violates biblical principles is abortion.    China’s “one-child policy” introduced in 1979 has undeniably not only allowed but encouraged abortion.  Supposedly having gender-specific abortions is illegal in China, but the reality, as today’s press release indicates, is that it is highly common.  It is estimated that over 250 million infants (including a lopsided number of baby girls) have been aborted in China since 2000.  Imagine that — “a United States” has died since 2000 largely because of government-enforced regulations. 

I’m sure I don’t have to convince too many reading this that abortion is wrong.  God is clear in the Bible that 1) Murder is wrong (especially children who cannot defend themselves), Lev. 18:21; and 2) Children while in their mother’s womb are truly, fully humans with souls (Psalm 45:15, Job 31:15).  Although we’re tempted to scoff at some of the “primitive cultures” we find in the Bible with their “child sacrifices”, we need every now and then to take a sobering look at “sophisticated” man today.  Child sacrifices are still made.  Granted, it isn’t to Molech, god of the Ammonites, or Baal, god of the Caananites, or Marduk, god of the Babylonians, but to “wealth” and “national advancement” and “convenience” and “comfort” and “I just don’t want it”.

From a logical standpoint (and this may sound strange) but I think I “get it.”  You don’t perceive yourself as ready.  You have other plans right now.  Perhaps this is not the ideal environment to bring a child into.  Your country’s resources are limited.  A million “logical” reasons might exist.  Mankind has been rationalizing sin since day one.  The problem is that no moral/biblical reason exists.  If we’d take a field trip to an abortion clinic’s dumpster, we’d open it up to find how cold and ungodly pragmatism can be. 

It’s fascinating that 50 years ago, the average person was probably not talking about a fetus, or an embryo, or a zygote living inside of a pregnant woman.  It was a “baby”.  Through the confusion of semantics and cryptic language, the devil has convinced many it’s merely an “it” inside.  It might sound like somewhat of a strange connection, but 500 years ago, Martin Luther considered his greatest work the fact that he’d translated the Bible into the vernacular, the common man’s language, so that everyone would have access to the truth of God’s Word.  Through a language that no common man spoke, Latin, the corrupted church of the time had hidden scriptural truth.  Today too, truth of the life inside a woman is hidden through scientific language.  The embryo is a baby.  The fetus is a human.  The zygote has a soul.

We might not be able to save China, but we can control the way we view God’s creation inside a pregnant woman.  We share with others the truth of who he/she is.  We can pray that God make his will known.  We can vote accordingly.  We ask God to open the eyes of a world that has outsmarted and confused itself  into loneliness and murder with its graduate level terminology.  May God end the nightmare.