Please Send In Your Questions

We’re coming up on the first birthday of this blog thing.  I’m very, very thankful for all who have been reading over the course of the past year.  But I’m wondering if there couldn’t possibly be some worthwhile changes to be made.  One thing I’m interested in is addressing not only how our Christian faith handles cultural issues, but specifically which cultural issues YOU find yourselves facing and what trials to faith YOU find yourself experiencing. In other words, this past year has sort of been my ramblings about Christian faith in society in general.  I’d like it to be more about you.

For that reason I’d like to encourage you to send me any doctrinal or cultural questions you may have and I’ll try to address them in the subsequent weeks.  I promise TOTAL anonymity of course, so you don’t have worry about “saying something wrong.”  Fire away with whatever cultural controversy or confusion you find in your life.  Odds are, others are thinking about it too and we all will benefit from it.  I’ll do my best to put a biblical and pastoral perspective on it.

Thanks again so much for reading!  God Bless!

One thought on “Please Send In Your Questions

  1. Marilyn Grob says:

    Your blogging is phenomenal! Keep up the good work. I keep going back and reading your past blogs. I think what you did with your confirmation class is great! We need to make them do a lot more down to earth thinking in addition to learning doctrine. Application to life is most important. God Bless you as you continue your work.

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