Ash Wednesday Worship

Hello all!  Due to the additional service prep this week and other ministry obligations, I don’t have the necessary time for a new article.  But I do want to wish you God’s blessings on your Lenten journey. 

If you’re looking for a little history on “What Is Ash Wednesday?”, “Who Celebrates It?”, etc., feel free to check out or or any other of a number of sources that will give you the in-depth lowdown on its significance. 

In short, what I’d like to remind you of, however, is that the Lenten season is not about you “giving something up”, but about what Jesus gave up for you – his life – all to make you part of God’s family.  So….. you’re free to celebrate any tradition that you deem appropriate to assist in your appreciation of Christ’s sacrifice, but just remember, Lent is about God’s grace revealed most clearly in the person of Jesus, doing what he came here to do…..rescue us. 

The Lord be with you!

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