Welcome to INdoctrin8ed

I wanted to share with you what I’ve been working on for a while now.  I’m trying to put our full adult instruction class on YouTube by breaking it down into common, practical Bible questions.  The online course is called INdoctrin8ed and the idea behind it is that difficult concepts of Scripture are given simple, straightforward, satisfying biblical answers in 8 minutes or less.  Ideally, we’ll be able to use these as at-home makeup lessons when people miss class.  Also, they will serve as easy responses to some of the more common questions I get, e.g. “So why do you guys baptize infants?”  Hopefully they could also serve as quick references for people at our website and maybe even tools for members to send to friends.

I’d very much appreciate if you’d take a look at some of the videos and give your feedback.  All you have to do is click on the INdoctrin8ed image above.  I’m no where near completed with the project, but I wouldn’t mind making some improvements now instead of when it’s all said and done and then have to edit laboriously or start over from scratch.

Also, as you’ve probably noticed, I ditched the “18 shades of gray” that the blog has been sporting for about a year now.  Some have mentioned that it was a little difficult to read.  I’m hoping for this to be an improved, slightly more modern look.  Feel free to let me know if you have any thoughts on it as well, particularly if you can’t read it.

As always, thanks for reading! (and now watching :))

5 thoughts on “Welcome to INdoctrin8ed

  1. Jenny says:

    What a fantastic idea!! This is a great evangelism tool for WELS members outside of your congregation too! I like the length of the videos and the Bible verses at the bottom of the screen.
    I do see a couple of things that might be good to think about. The poster behind your head is distracting. It took me almost a whole video of thinking what goes under awesomeness before I started paying attention to what you were saying, sorry. Can you improve the audio quality somehow it seems kind of wavery? You have a great logo and introduction to the question. If it isn’t to hard to do, some sound to go with it could add a lot. I checked to see if my speakers were on.
    Thanks for continuing to look for new ways to bring the gospel to people, it inspires me to reach out more to the people around me as well!

    • Jenny says:

      Pastor Hein,
      I just went back and watched a few more videos. I like them even more than I did the first time! Thanks again!

  2. Thanks to all very much for checking out the INdoctrin8ed videos and for your feedback. Received a bunch of emails with lots of thoughts. I just wanted to summarize a bit of what I heard here and explain some rationale for things.

    1) Some asked about the name “INdoctrin8ed” – opinions ranged from it being catchy to it sounding a little too much like brainwashing. The name and logo actually came from wanting it to have a simple Q&A feel. “Questions” led me to the magic 8-ball concept. “Answers” led me to the idea of truth in doctrine. The final result was that people going through the videos, somewhat tongue-in-cheek would be “INdoctrin8ed.” I intended for it to be MUCH more innocuous sounding than brain-washing and don’t actually think anyone clicking on the link will assume they were being subject to brainwashing. Then again….who knows. And if it sounds more controversial, maybe more will click on it. I will continue to consider it.

    2) I got a couple of comments about the “Awesomeness” poster in the back and my wife’s cat walking through the video from time to time. I completely understand that this might not look totally professional. However (and this might be the annoying 21st century hipster in me always seeking to be “ironic”), but it’s all fairly intentional. The hope is that in covering weighty subjects, I not allow it to become too dry, so there’s an occasional item to help provide some levity. Thus, goal: Handle serious topics with credibility, but don’t take self too seriously in the process. That said, if the poster, for instance, is too distracting, then I’ll naturally want to make some changes. The next videos coming up will be Awesomeless :).

    3) Several mentioned that the audio quality left a little to be desired. This is probably my biggest concern so far. I tried using a camcorder, but the process of uploading to my computer, editing, and uploading to YouTube was exhausting. Filming off my computer camera is much, much easier. So….I’ll see if I can perhaps do something to stabilize the sound and make sure there aren’t any additional sounds in the room.

    4) Most suggested they thought, overall, that the general concept was a good one, which was certainly encouraging to hear.

    Finally, the target audience for these videos will be people already in my adult instruction class who A) know me, and B) know what to expect from the videos because I’ve told them in advance. Generally speaking, these are people who are 40 and under, regular internet partakers, and curious about the Bible. That’s who it’s tailored to. From my own equipment, skill, and time limitations, they’re a little unpolished. Then again, they’re on YouTube, the land of unprofessional video consumption, so they probably fit right in. We’ll see how it goes 🙂

    Thanks so much for watching and for all your feedback! MUCH appreciated!

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