I’m a Christian Pastor. I Have Tattoos. I’ll Probably Get More Tattoos. Here’s Why…

I recently celebrated my 31st birthday by getting another tattoo.  Notice I said “another”.  That means there has been at least one prior.  And I clearly don’t look at it/them as a mistake.  I’ll explain why in a minute.

But first, I’d like to point out two negative views on tattoos which are at opposite ends of the spectrum, both of which I’ve had to address before on a couple of occasions.

1) “Real Christians Shouldn’t Do That”

A very kind, supportive, and faithful southern Christian gentleman asked me about tattoos a number of years ago, before I had any.  His daughter had mentioned that she was interested in getting a tattoo and he wanted me to talk to her about how this would be against God’s will.  I started by suggesting that since she was still a legal dependent of her father, this was an issue of respecting your God-given authorities as much as anything (4th Comm; Eph. 6:1-3).  I proceeded by asking him why he felt tattoos were against God’s will.  He said something about how “Doesn’t God forbid it, in the Old Testament?”  So we opened our Bibles to Leviticus 19:28, a section regarding tattoos that is often pointed to by people who recognize the authority of the Bible’s words but who don’t recognize the reality of the Bible’s setting, context, and writing style.  Lev. 19:28 says, “Do not cut your bodies for the dead or put tattoo marks on yourselves. I am the Lord.”  Right there it was.  Was he right?  I asked the man, however, to read the preceding verse, “Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.” (Lev. 19:27)  I gently, kindly, and firmly told him that if he wants me to be a consistent and faithful Bible teacher and tell his daughter that tattoos are evil, according to his logic, I’m going to have to call him to repentance for his recent haircut.

We went on to have a good conversation about how God gave some laws to his people in the Old Testament for the purpose of guiding them away from the idolatry and wickedness of the neighboring people.  We further discussed that if certain morally neutral practices of our culture were associated with the worship of false gods, that they’d generally be a good thing to stay away from as well.  So, for instance, while I could put a menorah on my dinner table and suggest that I just “like the pretty candles”, it’s been so closely associated with Judaism for so long that it’s likely not wise.

Close association to the worship of false gods may, at one point, have been associated with tattoos.  Fifty years ago, tattoos were most commonly associated in culture with gangs who, arguably, worshiped false gods of violence, drug use, and sexual immorality.  But times have changed.  In September 2006, the Pew Research Center conducted a survey which found that 36% of Americans ages 18–25, 40% of those 26-40 and 10% of those 41-64 had a tattoo.  They’re not all in gangs :).  Furthermore, a little informal research at my local workout facility would tell you that tattoos are now seemingly the norm for most Americans under 40.

There’s no biblical mandate and little cultural taboo concerning tattoos.  Therefore, self-righteous legalism against tattoos ain’t doing anything good for the church.

2) “You’re Doing That To Try To Be Cool”

The other negative view I’ve gotten against tattoos is that a pastor who gets tattoos is attempting to acquiesce to modern culture and be “cool”.

Right…..cause we’re in the 6th grade?  Look, my Ford Escape has a decal of a cat and a rabbit that my wife put on the back window.  I think the “attempts at cool” ship sank a while back.

I get it.  Attempts by churches (or pastors) to be cool, or look cool, or talk cool, are a little stomach-turning to me too.  I once saw a billboard where a church advertised “Here’s what OUR pastor wears on Sunday”, followed by a picture of a proud, heavy-set, middle-aged man dressed from head to toe in denim.  I think the church was trying to suggest that they don’t have a stuffy, enforced dress code.  Okay.  But, if in an attempt to be edgy and counter-traditional, they honestly think that a picture of a man draped in denim would coerce me to come to their church, or go anywhere for that matter, they’re mistaken.  I couldn’t care less what your pastor is wearing, as long as he’s wearing something.

Most attempts by churches (or pastors) to come off as “cool” are fairly embarrassing.  Since what is defined as “cool” is so often dictated by a culture tainted by sin, a church, in many ways, may look very different from that.  In other ways, it maybe can/should look similar to the culture.  What’s embarrassing is when you try too hard to be overly cultural (hip & trendy) OR counter-cultural (self-righteously rigid & stodgy).  In either case, you’re trying too hard at the wrong things.

If you really care about sharing the gospel, you’ll be serious about understanding your culture and intentional about meeting the people of your culture where they’re at, but you won’t treat your culture like a false god that you too must bow down to.

Gluttony for cultural relevance ain’t doing anything good for the church either.

The REAL Reason for the Tattoos

It’s simple.  COMMITMENT. I think it’s necessary to regularly remind myself of the importance of commitment in a world that’s terrified by it.  Tattoos, for the most part, are a visual, physical lifelong commitment.

Our culture (particularly Gen X’ers & Gen Y’ers), as mentioned earlier, is getting an unprecedented amount of tattoos.  Inked, Miami Ink, and LA Ink have all been very popular shows on cable TV in recent years.  Why do you think this is?  While there might be a number of reasons, let me propose one:

In an era that I have no doubt will be characterized, historically, by hyper-relativity which leads to an extremely noncommittal attitude toward anything and everything, I think it’s clear that young people are demonstrating their longing for commitment, through tattoos.

It’s really not much different from how, despite attempts by recent generations to make our lives increasingly private, this generation of young Americans have launched head first into social networking.  You simply can’t hinder relationship when, biblically speaking, you were built for relationship.  Likewise, the increasing societal presence of tattoos on young people is demonstrating that you simply can’t hinder commitment when, biblically speaking, you were built for commitment.

The Bible has a great deal to say about commitment (or “covenants”).  For instance, the Bible promotes a commitment in marriage that our culture simply doesn’t know. I can’t count how many times I’ve heard people say something to the effect of “Why do we need a piece of paper (i.e. marriage certificate) to prove that we love each other?”  What they won’t say, but really mean, is, “We love each other but we don’t want to completely close off all of our other options yet.”  So, I’ll say, “Well if you have true marital love, that means that you want to be together for the rest of your lives.  What damage then is there in getting a piece of paper?”  If you refuse to get that piece of paper, you’re simply and clearly declaring that you’re just not THAT committed to the other person.  This would logically mean that you don’t truly love them to the degree that you could, because the essence of true love, according to the Bible, is sacrificial commitment to the good of another.  By and large, our culture doesn’t see much of that and doesn’t really get that, but still craves that, because we were designed for that.

Finally, only in Jesus can we understand true commitment.  Jesus was utterly committed to us, sacrificing his entire life.  And he seeks, in us, that same sort of commitment.  He said to another man, “Follow me…..No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God.” (Luke 9:59, 62)  God didn’t give you a spirit of timidity or relativity or non-commitment.  He gave you his Spirit.  So in the name of Jesus, according to the will of Jesus, guided by the Word of Jesus….“Commit your way to the Lord; trust in him and he will do this: He will make your righteousness shine like the dawn, the justice of your cause like the noonday sun.” (Psalm 37:5-6). 

My Recent Tattoo

By the way, if you’re wondering, the tattoo featured in the picture above are the words, in Greek, from the end of 1 Peter 1:12, “Even the angels long to look into these things.”  In short, these words suggest that the gospel of Jesus is so magnificent and beautiful that the angels can’t even take their eyes off of it.  And if that’s the case (and those angels are that much smarter than me), how could I possibly ever think of tiring of the gospel’s beauty.

52 thoughts on “I’m a Christian Pastor. I Have Tattoos. I’ll Probably Get More Tattoos. Here’s Why…

  1. TS says:

    As a young man studying for the ministry, when I’ve considered tattoos, I’ve been very careful to think only of locations on the body that can easily be covered up. For example, the tattoo that I do have is located on the top of my feet, which is covered up unless I’m in a fairly relaxed setting. Are all your tattoos on usually covered parts of your body? As a pastor, would you ever consider getting one that showed on a daily basis?
    One thing that I’ve enjoyed about my tattoo is the opportunity it’s given me to share my faith. Since it’s also in Greek, a lot of people ask me what it means and then I have a chance to explain that to them. While my commitment to this idea was probably the main reason I got it, the witnessing opportunities have been one of the unexpected benefits.

    • Adrian Hein says:

      I agree, the witnessing opportunities are definitely a benefit! I have Psalm 103: 8, 10 on my shoulder (in Hebrew) and while I was traveling in D.C. this summer, I had about 10 people (including an Israeli girl) ask me about its significance. It was only a brief minute with each of them, but a minute I could share the fact that God’s love and mercy are so extraordinary I’d literally inked verses that testify to these attributes on my body.

    • Lydia Chola-Waiyaki says:

      I will warn you all about tattoos. On August 16th 2013, Christ our Lord visited my little nine year old nephew called Mnjala. He was taken to hell and shown something about tattoos that I should share with you. (I will summarize the story). There he was shown a wall that was erected near the lake of fire. On the wall were faces of people still alive here on earth, but had tattoos on their bodies. Satan had put an ‘X’ on their faces. Mnjala heard him say that those people will not go to heaven. Satan was saying, “Yes, let them put tattoos on their bodies.” Worse still there was a demon of tattoos and his body was full of tattoos. He was also creating these tattoos from his body and was sending other demons to earth to give the ideas to the tattoo artists. Jesus instructed Mnjala to tell us that we need to remove all the tattoos from our bodies.

      Please Dear People, tattoos come from hell. It is a scheme of Satan to destroy you and take you to hell. Jesus told Mnjala, it does not matter what tattoo it is even if it is of a cross – a tattoo is a tattoo. Even one small tattoo is still a tattoo. Satan will mark you for hell if you disobey the word of God. The Bible says in Leviticus 19:28 “Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, not print or tattoo any marks upon you: I am The Lord.
      If you want to know more about us and the visions that two young boys have been shown by Christ, please view below book trailer;

    • Mt says:

      Just a bowl full of excuses to do what you wanna do, instead of what God says. People with tattoos seem to
      Think all r impressed , but it makes some of us nautious to
      See that crap and I would never attend church where the pastor felt need to
      Have tattoos , will stay home first

  2. “Right…..cause we’re in the 6th grade? Look, my Ford Escape has a decal of a cat and a rabbit that my wife put on the back window. I think the “attempts at cool” ship sank a while back.”

    This has to be one of my favorite lines from your blogs…

    Well done. And nice tattoo, too.

  3. Ric says:

    εἰς ἃ ἐπιθυμοῦσιν
    ἄγγελοι παρακύψαι

    Great tattoo. So what other tattoo(s) do you have?

      • Ryan says:

        Can you imagine Moses, Elijah, John or Jesus walking around with tattoos? You know G-d really like these people right? Oh wait, he just likes their personality right?

      • Matt says:

        Hey Pastor why do you think tattoo’s were a sin to begin with? As far as hair and beard goes
        According to Mantisyah his beard was supposed to be Spiritually related,
        Maybe it was a Spiritual bond experience
        Anyway just wanted your thoughts on
        Becoming a Preacher X amount of years from now
        With tattoos and do you think it will be socially acceptable in Church ?

    • Japhet says:

      For me, It depends on how you educate your people about the dogmatic teaching of tattoos and the use of it for propagating the kingdom of God. If you’re pastoring a church that has a traditional belief regarding tattoo then it’s hard for you to educate them about the use of it for discipleship making. However, Paying the prize could still make it.

  4. Andrea says:

    I think that tattoo’s are a personal decision. It is a lifelong committment and that is why I waited until I was 40 before I got my first one. Mine symbolizes the love I have for my children. My friend and her daughter got matching tattoo’s of a cross made of nails. It was a committment to their relationship to each other, and also to their Savior.

  5. The Bible teaches us that serving God is not external, but internal issue. Believers’ testimony and faith must be an internal issue by the Holy Spirit in accordance with the word of God. God said through the prophet Jeremiah that in the New Covenant, God puts His law in the inside of His people and writes His law in their hearts. Biblical faith must be written in a person’s heart, not externally on his skin.

    The whole article: http://koti.phnet.fi/petripaavola/Bibleandtattoos.html

      • Quentin says:

        Hi, I’m think of getting a tattoo, I am a Christian. I saw something that people with tattoos go to he’ll with an x on their face and their is a demon in he’ll covered with tattoos in a child’s vision that God showed to him.

    • Japhet says:

      I don’t think this has something to do with one’s salvation. For by grace we have been saved….Not as a result of works. Whether you have or you don’t have tattoos, it doesn’t matter as far as salvation is concern.

  6. Philip says:

    Good afternoon,

    I would be very skeptical of getting a tattoo for “personal reasons”. Even worse is the question “what are the reasons for me getting a tattoo”. Because, as we christians all know, we are a sinful bunch. We are redeemed in Christ but in no means are we perfect. We still stumble and fall. So, “personal choice” and “Testing your reasons why” is all about the individual. Even a Child justifies their actions when caught, so do criminals. My point is this, justifying actions by personal choice is a very dangerous ground to be playing on. This is because you start saying, my truth is mine and your truth is yours. The only truth is God’s Turth.

    I understand that the Old Testament is usually beaten down by Christian Liberty so I will not go that way. But please try keep Leviticus in context. As a pastor it is your responsibilty to keep in context. You are misrepresenting that verse and making God out to be a crazy God with silly little commandments. The context is worship of Idols and identifying with pagan traditions. Tattoos, cutting of the skin and Shaving the hair in a particular manner was done in homage to other Gods. For example, Rastafarins, they have a hairstyle uniqie to their God. The Mohawk is another one. When Israel left Egypt they brought with them many traditions and cultures which were not God honouring. It had to be stopped. God’s laws are not petty, they serve a purpose. I am not trying to reinstate the Laws that God gave to his people, but I am saying that he did it for a reason. Maybe we should look at the reason. To toss out the Old Testament would cause huge problems.

    For example, should you say, Well the New Testament says nothing about tattoos then what would you defence be against Beastiality? It is not mentioned anywhere in the New Testament. Selling your daughter as a prostitute is also only mentioned in the Old Testament. What about the argument for a loving Gay couple. It is also never mentioned in the Old or even the New Testament.

    Personal choice must always be guided from the Bible, both the Old and New Testament. God gave reasons why certain things were banned. Tattoos, cutting of the flesh, trimming beards/hair (according to a religious style) and setting up of Idols. I am in no way perfect and do not claim to be, but I do believe we need to be very careful to throw things aside.

    We are called to be Christ like. Christ was obedient and followed the law. He was not a rebel. Anybody who says that has no idea about who Christ is. If Jesus recieved a Tattoo, he would have not become our perfect sacrifice. He would have been a sinner. For us to stand and say, there is nothing wrong with Tattoos shows ignorance to the history of Tattoos, the stigma associated with it and the fact that everybody is getting it. Getting a tattoo makes you look like the world, smoking and having tattoos makes you smell like the world, heavy drinking also makes you act like the world. We are told not to love the World, Whoever loves the world, the love of the father is not in them.

    I really do not want to attack you, if my tone sounds rude or holier than thou, I apologise. I myself do not wish any of my actions in any way to cause somebody to stumble, in any way. Jesus said in Mattew 5. “If anyone breaks the least of these commandmants and teaches others to do the same, they will be called least in the kingdom of heaven, but whoever practises and teaches these commands will be called great in the kingdom of heaven” I may also be taking this verse out of context depending on your interpretation of the Bible but my warning is always, be very careful what you teach. Personal opinion can change but God’s word does not.

    In all things search God’s word, test your feelings and reactions with how Jesus demands us to act and behave. We need to always be walking in the light. Darkness and light can never be mixed.



    • beverly says:

      Hi Philip…. As I read your post, it saddened me when you said, “If Jesus recieved a Tattoo, he would have not become our perfect sacrifice. He would have been a sinner.” I have to ask you do you think that someone who has tattoos must be a sinner? Isn’t this like saying that Jesus (who was and is PERFECT died in vain and HIS BLOOD is not sufficient to cover our sins. See, when I gave my heart to God, I already had over 100 tattoos (including tats on my face)… but I KNOW THAT I KNOW to whom I belong today. Just curious as to your thoughts on this. Thank you and God Bless!

    • Thanks for reading, Philip. But the gist of your argument is a misunderstanding of the Laws of OT Israel vs. the universal moral law that applies to all people of all time. It’s a commonly misunderstood thing…e.g. “Why couldn’t the Jews eat pork or non-fish seafood and to what degree does that apply to us today?” The best evidence that you don’t have these concepts clear is your false analogy of tattoos to sexual impurity. The Greek Lexicons describe “porneia” in the NT is basically all sex that isn’t between a male and a female in a marriage union. So, yes, beastiality is ABSOLUTELY forbidden in the New Testament. There are general warnings about modesty and appearance in the NT, but no anti-tattoo sentiment. You’ve got to find an actual analogous argument if you’re going to make the point you’re trying to make.

      Bottom line, there’s a lot of people here who draw a non-biblical, self-righteous standard by which they condemn others. The human heart is proud and wicked like that. And to to all of you, I’d say, “Please watch yourselves!!!!” b/c…. “I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this scroll: If anyone ADDS anything to them, God will add to that person the plagues described in this scroll.” (Rev. 22:18)

  7. Brian James says:

    Awesome! I am a Pastor with sleeves to my knuckles and my tattoos open many doors to share the gospel message of Jesus Christ and what he Did in my life.

  8. Jayne says:

    My Pastor recently got a tattoo, which I see nothing wrong with. I also have tattoos. However, some members were in such disarray over the situation they turned on him, said he became a false teacher and even walked out of the church. It is so saddening that we allow nonsense to separate us.

  9. Antonio says:

    I absolutely love what you said about Lev 19:27. It seems to me that fanatical Christians (I am One) have a huge problem tattoos, but so conveniently forget this verse that precedes verse 28. It has me asking a lot of questions. Do Christians only want apply certain aspects of Christianity to themselves and omit other aspects?

  10. willie ansley says:

    I have to ask a question. If you are getting tattoos to show your commitment to God. Where you lead by the holy spirit to do this or is this something you just want to do?
    Also if why would looking at things wrote on yoyr body help with your commitment. Isnt the commitment about where your heart is?
    Thanks for your time.

    • Hi Willie,
      This was something I wanted to do. God gives us an amazing amount of freedom in how we worship him. We are to do all things to his glory, which could even include getting a tattoo. And yes, the heart is the important thing, but EVERY single commitment of the heart tends to have tangible expressions. For instance, I can love someone as though we were married, but it’s not the same without the legally-binding contract, the commitment. Furthermore, lots of people wear wedding rings when they get married. Shouldn’t the love in their hearts be enough? Wearing a ring doesn’t suggest their heart commitment is inadequate. It suggests they want to express their heart commitment in a tangible, external way.

      • willie ansley says:

        My next question would be as a pastor who is held to a higher standard not only by man but by God, that we would say as paul said because he has this freedom it still means that not everything is good for him.
        To be a pastor and openly admit that you did not seek the holy spirit to guide you in such an important decision in your life one that can not only influence you but other young Christians down the wrong path.
        Also you say its to the glory of the lord but have you ever stopped to think that the tattoo artist could paint the mark of the beast on your arm? Or maybe any other demonic art on you that will open you up to demonic spirits?

  11. Hello hypocrite says:

    Hello Hypocrite ! You claim tattoos are a commitment? Do you wake up daily and put it on? Your tattoo is vanity pure and simple. You want people to look at you. you should be teaching people about the signs upon the land of judgement day. Not your words on why they can sin. Yea your words for they are not the words of Christ. What does the bible say about renting others to sin? Shall be as a stone around your neck as you are tossed into the deep! Repent of your ways hypocrite ! For the day of the lords wrath is at hand. People seek The Lord for seal 6 Is about to break. God bless you all with vision to see.

    • Tom says:

      9 With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. 10 Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be. 11 Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? 12 My brothers and sisters, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water. – James 3

  12. Charles Ross says:

    Wow! All I know to say is that each of us must “work out your own salvation with fear and trembling” (Phil. 2:12). I try to live by Rom. 12:1-2; 14:21, 1 Cor. 8:9 when it comes to my personal actions. I try not to be “conformed to this world” or to put into context of this article “conformed to this culture”. Long term commitment is lived out and a heart condition. Circumcision was a “commitment” required by the Jews as an outward sign and Paul condemns them for that in Galatians (just read the whole letter…it is good, spiritual food for the soul ;-).

    My question to the author, how many people is it ok to offend that are Brothers and Sisters in Christ (in the context of 1 Cor. 8:9) for the few that might be opportunities to use your tattoos as a witness? Just a thought.

  13. clint says:

    Was created with no tattoes by God..im happy with my skin as God made me.Dont need tattoo ever no matter if millions have them.Be what God created naturally.If rappers hip hoppers gang bangers prisoners etc have them great….

    • Japhet says:

      Each of us believers has a different way of glorifying God. So long as you do it for the Glory of God for the gospel sake then its okay. Everything that was done in faith is of God and it is not our duty to judge, it is God’s.

  14. Thank you so much for this article. Truly! I have been writing a series on modesty on my Christian lifestyle blog, and I wanted to talk about my tattoo and my thoughts on them. I was very encouraged by your biblical understanding and the idea of commitment that a tattoo can give.

    I linked to your post in my post here as well, if you’d like to give it a read at your convenience!

  15. Adam Goede says:

    Reading through some of these comments I thought of one more reason a Christian may want to get a tattoo–the opportunity to discuss some of the legalistic tendencies it brings to light in fellow Christians and to clarify what the Bible really says. We can only grow from turning to Scripture for guidance on topics that challenge us.

  16. The funschool mom says:

    I am a double sleeved, full back piece tattooed mom. I started getting tattoos at 18 and continued for roughly 10 years. I started off getting tattoos because it was a way to cover the emotional and physical scars from my past, and to “tell my story” of who I am and where I came from. My past was rough to say the least. I was not raised in a christian family, in fact my husband and I were Buddhist for years. People spoke of God and we believed in a higher power but we honestly knew little about “religion” aside from what we had heard from Catholic funerals or weddings we attended. Needless to say it wasn’t something we were interested.
    Fast forward 5 years. I had just had our 3rd baby girl, was recovering from a C-section with no help or support while my husband worked out of state. To throw some “fun” into the mix I was still trying to homeschool the other two girls. I was overwhelmed to say the least. One day, I bought a Bible and began reading. Little by little the days didn’t seem so long or hard.
    Eventually, we all moved to Mo and over the course of a year members of my family have accepted Christ. (The little one is still to little) We have been privileged to have homeless kids stay with us for extended periods of time, along with serving in some rougher communities. People are usually shocked to hear I am coming to help from a “christian” organization because I am not what they are expecting. I think the Lord has used my tattoos in more ways than not. I am judged daily, and am called white trash, and it is usually assumed I am a party person, but eventually my actions speak louder than my art.
    Rather than judge others that say hurtful things, or are mean to me, I allow my actions to speak. I try to live my life like Christ. I fail daily, but I try. I want people to see more of him than of me. I don’t believe in legalistic religion. I pray for those who want to throw the bible at me in judgement. I will continue to love thy neighbor, and love thy God. I loved this post. I wish more pastors and churches would speak up about tattoos. I wish more would speak up about legalism. Sorry I rambled so much. Your post really hits home….

  17. Adrielle Jones says:

    Hello there, I’m also Christian and i have one tattoo but i am going ti get a bible verse tattoo next week. I’m having a hard time figuring out if this is a sin or not because of so many people interpreting the Bible so many different ways.

  18. me says:

    I talked to a young lady with John 3.16 on her wrist area. She must have had other talks with ppl as well.
    Seems that a lot of Christians get faith tattoos; they have been proven to be effective conversation-starters in witness.

  19. Meg Murphy says:

    I am a 20 year old Catholic woman who just got my first tattoo 4 days ago. It is an infinity sign with the theological virtues looped through it on my shoulder which can be easily covered up. I’ve wanted a tattoo for a long time, saw the design. and knew I wanted it. Many of my friends are Catholic and some are more conservative than others. I received negative reactions from some of them which I expected but some that I did not. One of my friends told me that tattoos are not pure and to not make it an idol. I sort of understand where he is coming from but I don’t think my purity should be based off of my tattoo. Pastor James, how can I clear up my conscience about others’ opinions and judgment? My faith has helped me more than I could’ve imagined throughout shaky times in my life and I like the statement a Christian tattoo makes by showing it’s important enough to me and others that we would wear it on our bodies.

  20. I don’t have any tattoos but my adult children do. I can tell you though that I don’t know if tats are right or wrong but I look at it this way. I’d rather be covered in tats, have Jesus in my heart, and full of love for others then having no tats and be critical and judgmental and finger pointing with very little love for others. We are known by our love people and I believe the world is in a bad enough shape that we should be out and about sharing God’s love full of tats or not. I believe God looks at the heart, it’s motives, and our attitude. I believe the Holy Spirit leads, guides, and directs. Seek God and he will direct your path.

  21. Tina Michaels says:

    A Question: Jesus said that if we really love we will keep his commands. And if we are consistent in us; He and the Father will come and live in us along with the indwelling Holy Spirit. When christians grow into, this God publically (with many witnesses) acknowledges them as his Sons and the Holy Spirit descends upon them as a a huge dove and wraps His wings around them and a halo of golden light can be seen around there heads. It doesn’t seem to happen much now as most Christian remain immature. Last person l heard of was in 2003.
    Does this happen to someone with tattoos? because there are none in history apart from some WW2 concentration camp Messianic Jews and imprisoned christians. With Jesus as our Boss and our bodies as the Temple of the Holy Spirit is there a Spiritual/ meta physical reason to tattoo or not? Asking because it wasn’t mentioned in your blog and l’m googling to find out what people know and think.

  22. An interesting read. I am African and our culture does a lot if markings, tattoos and incisions. These practices are in worship to deities, ancestors and spirits. Its so sad that we are casting off these practices and our brothers and sisters in the western world are taking them on. Please do not get tattoos. Thank you.

  23. As an ordained minister myself. I find my tattoos have become a roadblock. I was called by God even with my tattoos. But most churches where I live won’t accept me. It’s very discouraging and right now I don’t even go to church. Very good read.

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