One thought on “blog – Jenner 1

  1. We see these images, & people have different reactions to them. Why? Beccause mans carnal nature is sinfilled, corrupt, loveless, & unpredictable.
    Bruce Jenner was cheered on for his olympic achievements, with admiration. No one knew in the public at large that he was hurting; in need of support spiritually.
    The new Jenner is looked at as less of a person now, shameful, & sick. But let me ask anyone of you this: If an instrument could record all of your thoughts without you knowing it in 1-24 hr. period, & then become published out to the public, what would people think of you?
    Before we decide to analyze & come to a verdict for Bruce, look at your reflection in a mirror, thinking about which of Gods 10 commandments we have failed to follow?
    Jn.8:2-11 / Matt.7:1-5 / Matt.chap 23 / Jude1:20-23 / Jm.4:11-12 / 2Tim. 4:2 / Matt.22:37-40
    May our creator God almighty keep us into the true faith until life everlasting, Amen

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