Update on My Writing

blog - resurrection 1Hi All,

I’m going to keep this brief. I just wanted to give you a quick update on content here at my site as well as on the direction of my blog posting in general.

You may have noticed that each of my recent posts has contained a reference to “originally posted at TimeofGrace.org” in addition to a link. I had a little trial period for writing with the Time of Grace blogging ministry. After about 2 months of doing so, I’ve decided that it’s not something I’m interested in continuing to pursue at the moment. There are a number of reasons for this, but I wanted to make it clear what the reason was NOT – I didn’t stop because there was any disagreement between me and the people at Time of Grace. I have nothing but positive things to say about all of the people I worked with. They were very kind, accommodating, and helpful. They are doing LOTS of wonderful gospel ministry and I was thankful for the opportunity.

At this time, however, I think we may have slightly different readership demographics. I wasn’t convinced that some who followed ToG particularly appreciated my perspective, thoughts, or occasional attempts to challenge the current Christian status quo. Again, the leadership itself was tremendously supportive, but I had a nagging concern that some of my opinions along the way might somehow detract from the wonderful gospel ministry being done there and that weighed on me.

Whether I say something that challenges readers to reconsider something in light of the gospel or if I merely present simple gospel truth, and someone doesn’t like it, I want any reaction to that channeled back in my direction. Furthermore, I want to foster an online environment in which Christians and non-Christians alike can respectfully disagree in charitable dialogue. There is enough hate, bitterness, and condescension in the world – we can shine a light in the direction of something different.

At times in the past I’ve received a few comments about my posts representing other WELS pastors, past schools I’ve attended, etc. I certainly do have some responsibility when it comes to various ties I may have, but please make no mistake, I’m not intentionally speaking on behalf of an entire church body, any schools, my entire church in Rochester, my wife, my friends, my dog Gemma, or anyone else. My opinions are my own, as much as possible, shaped by Jesus.

So, with that in mind, I wanted to restate the purpose of my site:

This blog is intended to help Christians see our world through eyes of faith. I’m seeking to apply biblical principles to our society in order to gain appreciation for changeless truth in a changing world. Pastor Hein is pastor at Resurrection & Life Lutheran Church in Rochester, MN.

I’ll keep on truckin’ right here…

Thanks for your love and support!

10 thoughts on “Update on My Writing

  1. Gina Grove says:

    Your choice makes sense on many levels. May God continue to give you wisdom, humility, and grace as you write under the guiding hand of the Spirit.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Sarah Sierszyn says:

    Good morning Pastor,

    Thank you for sharing your writing and insights. I look forward to reading more.God’s peace be with you and your family as he continues to bless you through this aspect of your ministry.

    Alive in Him,

    Sarah Sierszyn

    *Your sister in Christ* *Currently a member at King of Kings in Garden Grove, CA until the Lord sees fit to move us to a different state again 🙂 *

  3. Sarah S. says:

    God’s peace be with you and your family as he continues to bless you through this aspect of your ministry. Thank you for sharing and maintaining this blog!

  4. Jen Born says:

    I love that you have your blog James and your own perspective formed by Christ. It makes me happy to read your posts even when it’s a reminder that I am not following God’s Word even though I think I am – God’s law hurts sometimes and it should…it makes the Gospel message even sweeter.
    You make me happy that I am part of a church body that teaches and preaches His pure word even if it’s not what this society/world we live in wants to hear right now. The truth will set us free 🙂
    Thank you James for sharing your gifts from God in this way :))

  5. Madelyn Olson says:

    I love reading your blogs. I find them insightful, sometimes debatable, or challenging, like a mother to a son’s opinions, (i.e. tattoos) but always enlightening. I am glad we the readers will continue to be able to follow your path in God’s word.

  6. Ricke Family says:

    Dear Pastor Hein,

    In this wonderful/awful technology infused era, we are besieged by blog posts. I love reading them; and have to discern the good from the bad ones. I can sit in my slippers and jammies and get informed about such a variety of topics. It is truly a one way communication…I can see into the blog writer’s mind and heart; but you can’t see me at all. I am anonymous to the writer. One negative take away of this culture is that I can be a flyby troll, and with a few clicks on the keyboard, elevate my opinion and press ‘reply’ or ‘comment’.

    Fact is, I have never replied to any of your blogposts, but have found them insightful, spiritual, relevant and convicting. You have slowly built an audience, who may give you 5 star reviews, but you may never have heard from them. Because we are anonymous. Because we are overloaded with other blog posts and the barrage of information that comes to our attention through computer screens each day, many times a day. It’s hard for me to admit that I’ll never catch up on books I should read , people I should visit, letters of encouragement I could write. So, I’ve never replied until now.

    My heart ached for you when I read that you got some negative feedback from the older demographic in the Time of Grace audience. Please keep on writing! As you contemplate your blog posts, you must know that there are so very many people who have never taken the time to write in…like me. I am 54 years old, and my husband(age 61), love your expository blogs.

    Please keep up the good work. You have many gifts: loving Jesus, serving Him, being creative, writing well. By stepping out of your comfort zone and writing this blog, you are sort of stepping off of the well traveled WELS road and going ‘off road’. This is fresh and exhilating and welcome! By doing that, a vehicle going off road gets some stones and mud that will inevitable spash onto the windshield. Whatever this negative feedback was tha you got from Time of Grace readership is like that stone and much rip rap.

    Keeps your eyes fixed on Jesus, and write away, my brother!

    Lisa Ricke

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